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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film A Good Lad

    Une oeuvre longtemps invisible qui est réapparue pour la première fois en 1992 au Musée du Cinéma de Moscou et pour laquelle on comprend aisément la défaveur des instances politiques de l'époque, avec ce parti pris du cinéaste de ne pas encenser le résistant russe, avec tous les canons idéologiques afférents, au détriment d'une histoire à dimension humaine, non dénuée d'humour et de légèreté.

  2. José Neves's rating of the film A Good Lad

    How is it possible to shoot a war movie with such generous artistic availability? I mean, with such apparent figurative simplicity that comes from a deep staging, its complicity with the most articial of narrative devices? With wich another filmmaker would be possible to film opera in the war with such a huge and "natural" architectural and theatrical background? And a girl happily waving in between bomb smoke?

  3. Patlabor's rating of the film A Good Lad

    Economical storytelling at its best. War, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Tragedy -- the film passes through various genres and moods without missing a beat! A lesson in how to make such a dramatically rich film that's only about an hour long.

  4. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film A Good Lad

    The lightest of Barnet's war dramas. Starts out in a rather comedic vein and even has time for a little romance - an international one at that! (Though the downed "French" pilot, amusingly, looks and sounds very Russkie) Budget limitations are apparent (the Soviet industry was in Almaty), but one barely notices when this gets rolling. Barnet's economy of method: this stirring little film barely passes the hour mark.