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  1. Photo of Enzo Barone

    Enzo Barone Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Alfredo Palácios

    Alfredo Palácios Producer

  3. Photo of Antonio Polo Galante

    Antonio Polo Galante Producer

  4. Photo of Sylvio Back

    Sylvio Back Screenplay, Producer, Director

  5. Photo of Guido Wilmar Sassi

    Guido Wilmar Sassi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Oscar Milton Volpini

    Oscar Milton Volpini Screenplay

  7. Photo of Átila Iório

    Átila Iório Cast

  8. Photo of Jofre Soares

    Jofre Soares Cast

  9. Photo of Stênio Garcia

    Stênio Garcia Cast

  10. Photo of Dorothée-Marie Bouvier

    Dorothée-Marie Bouvier Cast

  11. Photo of Emanuel Cavalcanti

    Emanuel Cavalcanti Cast

  12. Photo of Maurício Távora

    Maurício Távora Cast

  13. Photo of Otávio Augusto

    Otávio Augusto Cast

  14. Photo of Zózimo Bulbul

    Zózimo Bulbul Cast

  15. Photo of Jorge Karam

    Jorge Karam Cast

  16. Photo of Lula Schneider

    Lula Schneider Cast

  17. Photo of John Herbert

    John Herbert Cast

  18. Photo of Maria Guadalupe

    Maria Guadalupe Editing

  19. Photo of Sérgio Ricardo

    Sérgio Ricardo Music

  20. Photo of Júlio Perez Caballar

    Júlio Perez Caballar Sound

  21. Photo of Sidnei Paiva Lopes

    Sidnei Paiva Lopes Sound

  22. Photo of Isabel Pancada

    Isabel Pancada Costume Design, Production Design