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  1. Photo of Cesc Gay

    Cesc Gay Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tomàs Aragay

    Tomàs Aragay Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marta Esteban

    Marta Esteban Producer

  4. Photo of Jordi Prats

    Jordi Prats Music

  5. Photo of Andreu Rebés

    Andreu Rebés Cinematography

  6. Photo of Frank Gutiérrez

    Frank Gutiérrez Editing

  7. Photo of Bernat Rifé

    Bernat Rifé Production Design

  8. Photo of Ricard Casals

    Ricard Casals Sound

  9. Photo of Enrique G. Bermejo

    Enrique G. Bermejo Sound

  10. Photo of Albert Gay

    Albert Gay Sound

  11. Photo of Ricardo Darín

    Ricardo Darín Cast

  12. Photo of Luis Tosar

    Luis Tosar Cast

  13. Photo of Javier Cámara

    Javier Cámara Cast

  14. Photo of Eduardo Noriega

    Eduardo Noriega Cast

  15. Photo of Leonor Watling

    Leonor Watling Cast

  16. Photo of Candela Peña

    Candela Peña Cast

  17. Photo of Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

    Cayetana Guillén Cuervo Cast

  18. Photo of Eduard Fernández

    Eduard Fernández Cast

  19. Photo of Leonardo Sbaraglia

    Leonardo Sbaraglia Cast

  20. Photo of Jordi Mollà

    Jordi Mollà Cast

  21. Photo of Alberto San Juan

    Alberto San Juan Cast

  22. Photo of Clara Segura

    Clara Segura Cast

  23. Photo of Ernest Villegas

    Ernest Villegas Cast

  24. Photo of Sylvia Steinbrecht

    Sylvia Steinbrecht Production Design