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  1. Photo of Charles Sturridge

    Charles Sturridge Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tim Sullivan

    Tim Sullivan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Evelyn Waugh

    Evelyn Waugh Screenplay

  4. Photo of James Wilby

    James Wilby Cast

  5. Photo of Kristin Scott Thomas

    Kristin Scott Thomas Cast

  6. Photo of Rupert Graves

    Rupert Graves Cast

  7. Photo of Anjelica Huston

    Anjelica Huston Cast

  8. Photo of Judi Dench

    Judi Dench Cast

  9. Photo of Alec Guinness

    Alec Guinness Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Beale

    Richard Beale Cast

  11. Photo of Jackson Kyle

    Jackson Kyle Cast

  12. Photo of Norman Lumsden

    Norman Lumsden Cast

  13. Photo of Jeanne Watts

    Jeanne Watts Cast

  14. Photo of Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Hannan

    Peter Hannan Cinematography

  16. Photo of George Fenton

    George Fenton Music

  17. Photo of Eileen Diss

    Eileen Diss Production Design

  18. Photo of Chris Townsend

    Chris Townsend Production Design

  19. Photo of Derek Granger

    Derek Granger Producer and Screenplay

  20. Photo of David Wimbury

    David Wimbury Producer

  21. Photo of Nick Elliott

    Nick Elliott Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Jeffrey Taylor

    Jeffrey Taylor Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Kent Walwin

    Kent Walwin Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Peter Coulson

    Peter Coulson Editing