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  1. Photo of Fehmi Yasar

    Fehmi Yasar Screenplay, Producer Director

  2. Photo of Genco Erkal

    Genco Erkal Cast

  3. Photo of Şerif Sezer

    Şerif Sezer Cast

  4. Photo of Füsun Demirel

    Füsun Demirel Cast

  5. Photo of Cemal Şan

    Cemal Şan Cast

  6. Photo of Macit Sonkan

    Macit Sonkan Cast

  7. Photo of Deniz Gökçer

    Deniz Gökçer Cast

  8. Photo of Jülide Kural

    Jülide Kural Cast

  9. Photo of Nurettin Şen

    Nurettin Şen Cast

  10. Photo of Muhlis Asan

    Muhlis Asan Cast

  11. Photo of Zeynep Irgat

    Zeynep Irgat Cast

  12. Photo of Erdal Kahraman

    Erdal Kahraman Cinematography

  13. Photo of Okay Temiz

    Okay Temiz Music

  14. Photo of Meral Ozen

    Meral Ozen Production Design