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  1. Lucas Granero's rating of the film A Hero Never Dies

    Un musical disfrazado de película de acción, una película muda disfrazada de melodrama. Bajo las capas con las que To construye este maravilloso artefecto sobresale siempre ese placer inevitable que sucitan sus mejores películas: los colores que vibran, la coreográfica belleza de sus set-pieces y sobre todo esa entrega total a la exageración y a la plena confianza en que el cine es todo lo que queramos que sea.

  2. Beatrice Lorenzini's rating of the film A Hero Never Dies

  3. kokeshi's rating of the film A Hero Never Dies

    Però! Un film hard boiled allo stato puro!

  4.'s rating of the film A Hero Never Dies

    Positively bursting with pure visual storytelling and some of To's most expressive imagery; the final half-hour is astonishingly seamless, basically one long montage. A rumination on vengeance as theatre, honor as identity, wounds, sacrificial love-- a hero. How AMG got "action thriller" out of this gorgeous tone poem speaks volumes about how To has been (under)sold here in the west. Masterpiece.

  5. nrh's rating of the film A Hero Never Dies

    to does this odd thing where he shifts from what seems to be a standard genre set up, and then shifts it through several layers of loss and memory, until you end up somewhere unrecognizable. in practical terms its a shift from conflict and incident to practical metaphysics, the question always being, how should a person be in this world? and it's funny, with one to's best ever heroic bloodshed scenes at the end.