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  1. Photo of Alexander Mackendrick

    Alexander Mackendrick Director

  2. Photo of Stanley Mann

    Stanley Mann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ronald Harwood

    Ronald Harwood Screenplay

  4. Photo of Denis Cannan

    Denis Cannan Screenplay

  5. Photo of Richard Hughes

    Richard Hughes Screenplay

  6. Photo of Anthony Quinn

    Anthony Quinn Cast

  7. Photo of James Coburn

    James Coburn Cast

  8. Photo of Dennis Price

    Dennis Price Cast

  9. Photo of Lila Kedrova

    Lila Kedrova Cast

  10. Photo of Nigel Davenport

    Nigel Davenport Cast

  11. Photo of Isabel Dean

    Isabel Dean Cast

  12. Photo of Kenneth J. Warren

    Kenneth J. Warren Cast

  13. Photo of Ben Carruthers

    Ben Carruthers Cast

  14. Photo of Gert Fröbe

    Gert Fröbe Cast

  15. Photo of Brian Phelan

    Brian Phelan Cast

  16. Photo of Trader Faulkner

    Trader Faulkner Cast

  17. Photo of Charles Laurence

    Charles Laurence Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Hyatt

    Charles Hyatt Cast

  19. Photo of Dan Jackson

    Dan Jackson Cast

  20. Photo of Vivienne Ventura

    Vivienne Ventura Cast

  21. Photo of Kenji Takaki

    Kenji Takaki Cast

  22. Photo of Deborah Baxter

    Deborah Baxter Cast

  23. Photo of Roberta Tovey

    Roberta Tovey Cast

  24. Photo of Martin Amis

    Martin Amis Cast

  25. Photo of Jeffrey Chandler

    Jeffrey Chandler Cast

  26. Photo of Karen Flack

    Karen Flack Cast

  27. Photo of Henry Beltran

    Henry Beltran Cast

  28. Photo of Philip Madoc

    Philip Madoc Cast

  29. Photo of Louise Bennett

    Louise Bennett Cast

  30. Photo of Maude Fuller

    Maude Fuller Cast

  31. Photo of Danny Williams

    Danny Williams Cast

  32. Photo of Douglas Slocombe

    Douglas Slocombe Cinematography

  33. Photo of John Hoesli

    John Hoesli Production Design

  34. Photo of John Howell

    John Howell Production Design

  35. Photo of John Croydon

    John Croydon Producer

  36. Photo of Derek York

    Derek York Editing

  37. Photo of Matt McCarthy

    Matt McCarthy Sound

  38. Photo of Brian Hickin

    Brian Hickin Sound