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  1. Photo of David Cronenberg

    David Cronenberg Director

  2. Photo of Chris Bender

    Chris Bender Producer

  3. Photo of J.C. Spink

    J.C. Spink Producer

  4. Photo of John Wagner

    John Wagner Screenplay

  5. Photo of Vince Locke

    Vince Locke Screenplay

  6. Photo of Josh Olson

    Josh Olson Screenplay

  7. Photo of Peter Suschitzky

    Peter Suschitzky Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ronald Sanders

    Ronald Sanders Editing

  9. Photo of Viggo Mortensen

    Viggo Mortensen Cast

  10. Photo of Ed Harris

    Ed Harris Cast

  11. Photo of William Hurt

    William Hurt Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Bello

    Maria Bello Cast

  13. Photo of Ashton Holmes

    Ashton Holmes Cast

  14. Photo of Peter MacNeill

    Peter MacNeill Cast

  15. Photo of Stephen McHattie

    Stephen McHattie Cast

  16. Photo of Greg Bryk

    Greg Bryk Cast

  17. Photo of Kyle Schmid

    Kyle Schmid Cast

  18. Photo of Kent Alterman

    Kent Alterman Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Cale Boyter

    Cale Boyter Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Josh Braun

    Josh Braun Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Toby Emmerich

    Toby Emmerich Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Justis Greene

    Justis Greene Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Roger Kass

    Roger Kass Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Howard Shore

    Howard Shore Music

  25. Photo of Carol Spier

    Carol Spier Production Design