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Ratings & Reviews

  1. José Neves's rating of the film A Intrusa

    Even if departed from a Borges story and set in the desert's flatness of a border, that recalls the ambience and quirkiness of some Spaghetti's and Hellman's films, the level of folly is absolutely unusual. A sexual,voracious, physical triangle that ultimately reveals the insurmountable attraction between two male siblings, in the yellow solar aridity of the wind's endless derision, again and brilliantly the wind.

  2. Lucas Granero's rating of the film A Intrusa

    Borgeana tragedia gauchesca que en manos de Christensen logra convertirse en un desatado triángulo amoroso donde el deseo irrefrenable lleva hacia la locura a dos hermanos. Diversos grados de sumisiones se manifiestan en escenas de elevado cándor sexual que acercan a la hombría de los gauchos hacia los terrenos impensados de lo kitsch y marginal. Todo el combo resulta por demás extraño pero profundamente irresistible

  3. knockkneed's rating of the film A Intrusa

    My perspective's debauched by American Westerns, but I enjoyed this even without subs. Disapprove of those spry radiophonics and phased arpeggios. The first swordfight is a giallo Lancelot du Lac.