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  1. Photo of John Schlesinger

    John Schlesinger Director

  2. Photo of Willis Hall

    Willis Hall Screenplay

  3. Photo of Keith Waterhouse

    Keith Waterhouse Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stan Barstow

    Stan Barstow Novel

  5. Photo of Alan Bates

    Alan Bates Cast

  6. Photo of Thora Hird

    Thora Hird Cast

  7. Photo of Bert Palmer

    Bert Palmer Cast

  8. Photo of Pat Keen

    Pat Keen Cast

  9. Photo of James Bolam

    James Bolam Cast

  10. Photo of Jack Smethurst

    Jack Smethurst Cast

  11. Photo of Gwen Nelson

    Gwen Nelson Cast

  12. Photo of John Ronane

    John Ronane Cast

  13. Photo of David Mahlowe

    David Mahlowe Cast

  14. Photo of Patsy Rowlands

    Patsy Rowlands Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Deacon

    Michael Deacon Cast

  16. Photo of Annette Robertson

    Annette Robertson Cast

  17. Photo of Fred Ferris

    Fred Ferris Cast

  18. Photo of Leonard Rossiter

    Leonard Rossiter Cast

  19. Photo of Malcolm Patton

    Malcolm Patton Cast

  20. Photo of Harry Markham

    Harry Markham Cast

  21. Photo of Peter Madden

    Peter Madden Cast

  22. Photo of June Ritchie

    June Ritchie Cast

  23. Photo of Yvonne Buckingham

    Yvonne Buckingham Cast

  24. Photo of David Cook

    David Cook Cast

  25. Photo of Jerry Desmonde

    Jerry Desmonde Cast

  26. Photo of Helen Fraser

    Helen Fraser Cast

  27. Photo of Joe Gladwin

    Joe Gladwin Cast

  28. Photo of Reginald Green

    Reginald Green Cast

  29. Photo of Douglas Livingstone

    Douglas Livingstone Cast

  30. Photo of Bryan Mosley

    Bryan Mosley Cast

  31. Photo of Ruth Porcher

    Ruth Porcher Cast

  32. Photo of Graham Rigby

    Graham Rigby Cast

  33. Photo of Kathy Staff

    Kathy Staff Cast

  34. Photo of Fred Wood

    Fred Wood Cast

  35. Photo of Denys N. Coop

    Denys N. Coop Cinematography

  36. Photo of Ron Grainer

    Ron Grainer Music

  37. Photo of Joseph Janni

    Joseph Janni Producer

  38. Photo of Roger Cherrill

    Roger Cherrill Editing

  39. Photo of Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Sound

  40. Photo of Don Sharpe

    Don Sharpe Sound

  41. Photo of George Stephenson

    George Stephenson Sound