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  1. Photo of Carlos Sorin

    Carlos Sorin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ezequiel Abalos

    Ezequiel Abalos Producer

  3. Photo of Perla Lichtenstein

    Perla Lichtenstein Producer

  4. Photo of Gustavo Sierra

    Gustavo Sierra Producer

  5. Photo of Jorge Goldenberg

    Jorge Goldenberg Screenplay

  6. Photo of Esteban Courtalon

    Esteban Courtalon Cinematography

  7. Photo of Alberto Yaccelini

    Alberto Yaccelini Editing

  8. Photo of Carlos Franzetti

    Carlos Franzetti Music

  9. Photo of Ulises Dumont

    Ulises Dumont Cast

  10. Photo of Julio Chávez

    Julio Chávez Cast

  11. Photo of Ana María Giunta

    Ana María Giunta Cast

  12. Photo of David Llewelyn

    David Llewelyn Cast

  13. Photo of Miguel Dedovich

    Miguel Dedovich Cast

  14. Photo of Villanueva Cosse

    Villanueva Cosse Cast

  15. Photo of Roxana Berco

    Roxana Berco Cast

  16. Photo of Marilia Paranhos

    Marilia Paranhos Cast

  17. Photo of Ricardo Hamlin

    Ricardo Hamlin Cast

  18. Photo of Rubén Patagonia

    Rubén Patagonia Cast

  19. Photo of Cesar Garcia

    Cesar Garcia Cast

  20. Photo of Axel Pauls

    Axel Pauls Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Javier Salinas

    Javier Salinas Sound