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  1. Photo of Leon Trystan

    Leon Trystan Director

  2. Photo of Jecheskiel Mosze Neuman

    Jecheskiel Mosze Neuman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mosze Oszerowicz

    Mosze Oszerowicz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anatol Stern

    Anatol Stern Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lucy Gehrman

    Lucy Gehrman Cast

  6. Photo of Misha Gehrman

    Misha Gehrman Cast

  7. Photo of Gertrude Bulman

    Gertrude Bulman Cast

  8. Photo of Max Bozyk

    Max Bozyk Cast

  9. Photo of Alexander Stein

    Alexander Stein Cast

  10. Photo of Simche Fostel

    Simche Fostel Cast

  11. Photo of Chana Lewin

    Chana Lewin Cast

  12. Photo of Izak Grudberg

    Izak Grudberg Cast

  13. Photo of Samuel Landau

    Samuel Landau Cast

  14. Photo of Irving Bruner

    Irving Bruner Cast

  15. Photo of Edmund Zayenda

    Edmund Zayenda Cast

  16. Photo of Edward Sternbach

    Edward Sternbach Cast

  17. Photo of Berta Gersten

    Berta Gersten Cast

  18. Photo of Leon Kaswiner

    Leon Kaswiner Cast

  19. Photo of Gustav Berger

    Gustav Berger Cast

  20. Photo of Seweryn Steinwurzel

    Seweryn Steinwurzel Cinematography

  21. Photo of Abe Ellstein

    Abe Ellstein Music

  22. Photo of Stefan Norris

    Stefan Norris Production Design

  23. Photo of Jacek Rotmil

    Jacek Rotmil Production Design

  24. Photo of Joseph Green

    Joseph Green Producer, Director Screenplay

  25. Photo of Dolly Jonilowicz

    Dolly Jonilowicz Editing