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  1. Photo of Stefan Pleszczynski

    Stefan Pleszczynski Director

  2. Photo of John Wierick

    John Wierick Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lea Thompson

    Lea Thompson Cast

  4. Photo of Anthony Lemke

    Anthony Lemke Cast

  5. Photo of Cindy Busby

    Cindy Busby Cast

  6. Photo of Éléonore Lamothe

    Éléonore Lamothe Cast

  7. Photo of Devon Bostick

    Devon Bostick Cast

  8. Photo of Tommy Lioutas

    Tommy Lioutas Cast

  9. Photo of John Ashmore

    John Ashmore Cinematography

  10. Photo of James Gelfand

    James Gelfand Music

  11. Photo of Justin Bodle

    Justin Bodle Producer

  12. Photo of Jean Bureau

    Jean Bureau Producer and Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Serge Denis

    Serge Denis Producer

  14. Photo of Stephen Greenberg

    Stephen Greenberg Producer and Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Josée Mauffette

    Josée Mauffette Producer

  16. Photo of Anne Carlucci

    Anne Carlucci Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Christian Roy

    Christian Roy Editing