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  1. Photo of Tso Nam Lee

    Tso Nam Lee Director

  2. Photo of Hsin Yi Chang

    Hsin Yi Chang Screenplay

  3. Photo of On Szeto

    On Szeto Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yasuaki Kurata

    Yasuaki Kurata Cast

  5. Photo of Hung Lieh Chen

    Hung Lieh Chen Cast

  6. Photo of Ching Feng Chiang

    Ching Feng Chiang Cast

  7. Photo of Kang Peng

    Kang Peng Cast

  8. Photo of Sun Jung-Chi

    Sun Jung-Chi Cast

  9. Photo of Yang Hui-San

    Yang Hui-San Cast

  10. Photo of Chen Kuan Tai

    Chen Kuan Tai Cast

  11. Photo of Chuang Yan-chien

    Chuang Yan-chien Cinematography

  12. Photo of Huang Mou-Shan

    Huang Mou-Shan Music

  13. Photo of Chiang Huang-Hsiung

    Chiang Huang-Hsiung Editing