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  1. Photo of Adolf Winkelmann

    Adolf Winkelmann Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jost Krüger

    Jost Krüger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gerd Weiss

    Gerd Weiss Screenplay

  4. Photo of Detlev Quandt

    Detlev Quandt Cast

  5. Photo of Uli Heucke

    Uli Heucke Cast

  6. Photo of Hermann Lause

    Hermann Lause Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Lüttge

    Martin Lüttge Cast

  8. Photo of Tana Schanzara

    Tana Schanzara Cast

  9. Photo of Wolfgang Becker

    Wolfgang Becker Cast

  10. Photo of Berni Bernstein

    Berni Bernstein Cast

  11. Photo of Horst Dieter Braun

    Horst Dieter Braun Cast

  12. Photo of Martha Dors

    Martha Dors Cast

  13. Photo of Betti Eiermann

    Betti Eiermann Cast

  14. Photo of Roland Gall

    Roland Gall Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Grüter

    Peter Grüter Cast

  16. Photo of Horst Heckemueller

    Horst Heckemueller Cast

  17. Photo of David Slama

    David Slama Cinematography

  18. Photo of Bernd Adamkevitz

    Bernd Adamkevitz Music

  19. Photo of Jocki Bernstein

    Jocki Bernstein Production Design

  20. Photo of Bettina Lewertoff

    Bettina Lewertoff Editing

  21. Photo of Hans Peter Kuhn

    Hans Peter Kuhn Sound