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  1. Photo of Valentina Bassi

    Valentina Bassi Cast

  2. Photo of Claudio Gallardou

    Claudio Gallardou Cast

  3. Photo of Fernán Mirás

    Fernán Mirás Cast

  4. Photo of Sandra Gugliotta

    Sandra Gugliotta Director, Screenplay Producer

  5. Photo of Fernando Merinero

    Fernando Merinero Producer

  6. Photo of Marcelo Schapces

    Marcelo Schapces Executive Producer, Screenplay Production Design

  7. Photo of Diego Frenkel

    Diego Frenkel Music

  8. Photo of Sebastián Schachtel

    Sebastián Schachtel Music

  9. Photo of Jose Guerra

    Jose Guerra Cinematography

  10. Photo of Alberto Ianuzzi

    Alberto Ianuzzi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Cobi Migliora

    Cobi Migliora Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Alejo Flah

    Alejo Flah Editing

  13. Photo of Gabriela Dodero

    Gabriela Dodero Production Design

  14. Photo of Darío Vittori

    Darío Vittori Cast

  15. Photo of Damián de Santo

    Damián de Santo Cast

  16. Photo of Jesús Berenguer

    Jesús Berenguer Cast