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  1. Photo of Chin Hu Tung

    Chin Hu Tung Director

  2. Photo of Wang Min

    Wang Min Producer

  3. Photo of Fan Chin-yu

    Fan Chin-yu Cinematography

  4. Photo of Huang Mou-Shan

    Huang Mou-Shan Music

  5. Photo of Szu Shih

    Szu Shih Cast

  6. Photo of Hua Chung

    Hua Chung Cast

  7. Photo of Chung Wang

    Chung Wang Cast

  8. Photo of Fei Lung

    Fei Lung Cast

  9. Photo of Yi Kuei Chang

    Yi Kuei Chang Cast

  10. Photo of Lung Chin

    Lung Chin Cast

  11. Photo of Ching Kuo Chung

    Ching Kuo Chung Cast

  12. Photo of Alan Chui Chung San

    Alan Chui Chung San Cast

  13. Photo of Han Hsieh

    Han Hsieh Cast

  14. Photo of Mao Ching-Shun

    Mao Ching-Shun Cast

  15. Photo of Shih Ting-Ken

    Shih Ting-Ken Cast

  16. Photo of Wang Ching

    Wang Ching Cast

  17. Photo of Yuen Cheung-Yan

    Yuen Cheung-Yan Cast

  18. Photo of Corey Yuen

    Corey Yuen Cast

  19. Photo of Yuen Yat-chor

    Yuen Yat-chor Cast