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  1. Photo of Benny Chan

    Benny Chan Director

  2. Photo of James Yuen

    James Yuen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Chiu Gan Shui

    Chiu Gan Shui Cast

  4. Photo of Cho Ging-man

    Cho Ging-man Cast

  5. Photo of Chu Tiet-Wo

    Chu Tiet-Wo Cast

  6. Photo of Shirley Huang

    Shirley Huang Cast

  7. Photo of Kam Lo

    Kam Lo Cast

  8. Photo of Andy Lau

    Andy Lau Cast

  9. Photo of Sandy Lang

    Sandy Lang Cast

  10. Photo of Kong Lau

    Kong Lau Cast

  11. Photo of Liang Shan

    Liang Shan Cast

  12. Photo of Lin Chung

    Lin Chung Cast

  13. Photo of Man Tat Ng

    Man Tat Ng Cast

  14. Photo of Ng Wui

    Ng Wui Cast

  15. Photo of Siu Yiu

    Siu Yiu Cast

  16. Photo of Tsai Chung-yung

    Tsai Chung-yung Cast

  17. Photo of Wan Fat

    Wan Fat Cast

  18. Photo of Wong Kwong-Leung

    Wong Kwong-Leung Cast

  19. Photo of Wu Chien-lien

    Wu Chien-lien Cast

  20. Photo of Bun Yuen

    Bun Yuen Cast

  21. Photo of Joe Chan

    Joe Chan Cinematography

  22. Photo of Wong Wing-Hung

    Wong Wing-Hung Cinematography

  23. Photo of Law Tai-yau

    Law Tai-yau Music

  24. Photo of Johnnie To

    Johnnie To Producer

  25. Photo of Wallace Cheung

    Wallace Cheung Executive Producer