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  1. Photo of Jack Sholder

    Jack Sholder Director

  2. Photo of David Chaskin

    David Chaskin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wes Craven

    Wes Craven Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert Englund

    Robert Englund Cast

  5. Photo of Mark Patton

    Mark Patton Cast

  6. Photo of Kim Myers

    Kim Myers Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Rusler

    Robert Rusler Cast

  8. Photo of Clu Gulager

    Clu Gulager Cast

  9. Photo of Hope Lange

    Hope Lange Cast

  10. Photo of Marshall Bell

    Marshall Bell Cast

  11. Photo of Melinda O. Fee

    Melinda O. Fee Cast

  12. Photo of Tom McFadden

    Tom McFadden Cast

  13. Photo of Sydney Walsh

    Sydney Walsh Cast

  14. Photo of Jacques Haitkin

    Jacques Haitkin Cinematography

  15. Photo of Christpher Tufty

    Christpher Tufty Cinematography

  16. Photo of Christopher Young

    Christopher Young Music

  17. Photo of Robert Shaye

    Robert Shaye Producer

  18. Photo of Stephen Diener

    Stephen Diener Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Stanley Dudelson

    Stanley Dudelson Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Bob Brady

    Bob Brady Editing

  21. Photo of Arline Garson

    Arline Garson Editing