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  1. Photo of Samuel Bayer

    Samuel Bayer Director

  2. Photo of Wesley Strick

    Wesley Strick Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eric Heisserer

    Eric Heisserer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Wes Craven

    Wes Craven Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jackie Earle Haley

    Jackie Earle Haley Cast

  6. Photo of Kyle Gallner

    Kyle Gallner Cast

  7. Photo of Rooney Mara

    Rooney Mara Cast

  8. Photo of Katie Cassidy

    Katie Cassidy Cast

  9. Photo of Thomas Dekker

    Thomas Dekker Cast

  10. Photo of Kellan Lutz

    Kellan Lutz Cast

  11. Photo of Clancy Brown

    Clancy Brown Cast

  12. Photo of Connie Britton

    Connie Britton Cast

  13. Photo of Lia D. Mortensen

    Lia D. Mortensen Cast

  14. Photo of Julianna Damm

    Julianna Damm Cast

  15. Photo of Jeff Cutter

    Jeff Cutter Cinematography

  16. Photo of Steve Jablonsky

    Steve Jablonsky Music

  17. Photo of Patrick Lumb

    Patrick Lumb Production Design

  18. Photo of Michael Bay

    Michael Bay Producer

  19. Photo of Andrew Form

    Andrew Form Producer

  20. Photo of Bradley Fuller

    Bradley Fuller Producer

  21. Photo of Richard Brener

    Richard Brener Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Mike Drake

    Mike Drake Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Walter Hamada

    Walter Hamada Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Michael Lynne

    Michael Lynne Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Dave Neustadter

    Dave Neustadter Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Robert Shaye

    Robert Shaye Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Glen Scantlebury

    Glen Scantlebury Editing