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  1. Photo of Stephen Hopkins

    Stephen Hopkins Director

  2. Photo of Wes Craven

    Wes Craven Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Skipp

    John Skipp Story

  4. Photo of Craig Spector

    Craig Spector Story

  5. Photo of Leslie Bohem

    Leslie Bohem Story and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Robert Englund

    Robert Englund Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Wilcox

    Lisa Wilcox Cast

  8. Photo of Kelly Jo Minter

    Kelly Jo Minter Cast

  9. Photo of Danny Hassel

    Danny Hassel Cast

  10. Photo of Erika Anderson

    Erika Anderson Cast

  11. Photo of Nicholas Mele

    Nicholas Mele Cast

  12. Photo of Joe Seely

    Joe Seely Cast

  13. Photo of Valorie Armstrong

    Valorie Armstrong Cast

  14. Photo of Burr DeBenning

    Burr DeBenning Cast

  15. Photo of Clarence Felder

    Clarence Felder Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Levy

    Peter Levy Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jay Ferguson

    Jay Ferguson Music

  18. Photo of Rupert Harvey

    Rupert Harvey Producer

  19. Photo of Robert Shaw

    Robert Shaw Producer

  20. Photo of Sara Risher

    Sara Risher Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Jon Turtle

    Jon Turtle Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Brent A. Schoenfeld

    Brent A. Schoenfeld Editing

  23. Photo of Chuck Weiss

    Chuck Weiss Editing