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  1. Photo of Anatoli Efros

    Anatoli Efros Director

  2. Photo of Georgi Natanson

    Georgi Natanson Director

  3. Photo of Viktor Rozov

    Viktor Rozov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Valentina Sperantova

    Valentina Sperantova Cast

  5. Photo of Gennadi Pechnikov

    Gennadi Pechnikov Cast

  6. Photo of Tatyana Nadezhdina

    Tatyana Nadezhdina Cast

  7. Photo of Vladimir Zemlyanikin

    Vladimir Zemlyanikin Cast

  8. Photo of Oleg Tabakov

    Oleg Tabakov Cast

  9. Photo of Liliya Tolmacheva

    Liliya Tolmacheva Cast

  10. Photo of Yevgeni Perov

    Yevgeni Perov Cast

  11. Photo of Lev Kruglyj

    Lev Kruglyj Cast

  12. Photo of Viktoriya Dukhina

    Viktoriya Dukhina Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Chumak

    Robert Chumak Cast

  14. Photo of Inna Gulaya

    Inna Gulaya Cast

  15. Photo of Viktor Dombrovsky

    Viktor Dombrovsky Cinematography

  16. Photo of Antonio Spadavekkia

    Antonio Spadavekkia Music