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  1. Photo of Mordicai Gerstein

    Mordicai Gerstein Director, Production Design Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nikolay Gogol

    Nikolay Gogol Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brother Theodore

    Brother Theodore Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Harold Seletsky

    Harold Seletsky Music

  5. Photo of Joe Dunford

    Joe Dunford Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Jack Zander

    Jack Zander Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Harry Chang

    Harry Chang Editing

  8. Photo of Emery Hawkins

    Emery Hawkins Animation

  9. Photo of Bob Perry

    Bob Perry Animation

  10. Photo of Jack Schnerk

    Jack Schnerk Animation

  11. Photo of Armin Shaffer

    Armin Shaffer Animation