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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ethan's rating of the film A Perfect Couple

    This is a delight little film and one of Altman's happiest movies.

  2. Stevie's rating of the film A Perfect Couple

    This felt almost as surreal as 3 Women and Quintet at times. There's an amusing contrast between the traditional, conservative family of Alex and the swinging, free-love musicians that Sheila associates with. Henry Gibson is brilliantly menacing in his small role.Definitely lower tier Altman but I still really liked it.

  3. Jake Mulligan's rating of the film A Perfect Couple

    Actually quite good in its subversion of romantic Hollywood cliches. Kind of like a romantic film made by no one who had ever seen a romantic film before. Not to say its perfect, the musical aspect obviously comes off far more strangely than in "Nashville", but worth of Altman's later 70's work.