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  1. Photo of Kaspar Rostrup

    Kaspar Rostrup Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martha Christensen

    Martha Christensen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ghita Nørby

    Ghita Nørby Cast

  4. Photo of Thure Lindhardt

    Thure Lindhardt Cast

  5. Photo of Frits Helmuth

    Frits Helmuth Cast

  6. Photo of Henning Moritzen

    Henning Moritzen Cast

  7. Photo of Magnus Stahl Jacobsen

    Magnus Stahl Jacobsen Cast

  8. Photo of Bodil Lindorff

    Bodil Lindorff Cast

  9. Photo of Hannah Bjarnhof

    Hannah Bjarnhof Cast

  10. Photo of Sarah Boberg

    Sarah Boberg Cast

  11. Photo of Thomas Bo Larsen

    Thomas Bo Larsen Cast

  12. Photo of Pia Vieth

    Pia Vieth Cast

  13. Photo of Niels Anders Thorn

    Niels Anders Thorn Cast

  14. Photo of Niels Weyde

    Niels Weyde Cast

  15. Photo of Eric Kress

    Eric Kress Cinematography

  16. Photo of Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Music

  17. Photo of Søren Gam

    Søren Gam Production Design

  18. Photo of Tina Dalhoff

    Tina Dalhoff Producer

  19. Photo of Erik Crone

    Erik Crone Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Grete Møldrup

    Grete Møldrup Editing

  21. Photo of Henrik Garnov

    Henrik Garnov Sound

  22. Photo of Nino Jacobsen

    Nino Jacobsen Sound

  23. Photo of Lotte Dandanell

    Lotte Dandanell Costume Design