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  1. Photo of Yoram Gross

    Yoram Gross Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Moshe Hadar

    Moshe Hadar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rachel Attas

    Rachel Attas Cast

  4. Photo of Ya'ackov Ben-Sira

    Ya'ackov Ben-Sira Cast

  5. Photo of Shraga Friedman

    Shraga Friedman Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Gur

    Michael Gur Cast

  7. Photo of Gita Luka

    Gita Luka Cast

  8. Photo of Bracha Ne'eman

    Bracha Ne'eman Cast

  9. Photo of Shmuel Rodensky

    Shmuel Rodensky Cast

  10. Photo of Shmuel Segal

    Shmuel Segal Cast

  11. Photo of Gideon Singer

    Gideon Singer Cast