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  1. Photo of António Lopes Ribeiro

    António Lopes Ribeiro Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Antonio Ferro

    Antonio Ferro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alexandre de Azevedo

    Alexandre de Azevedo Cast

  4. Photo of Antonio Martínez

    Antonio Martínez Cast

  5. Photo of Clemente Pinto

    Clemente Pinto Cast

  6. Photo of Eliezer Kamenesky

    Eliezer Kamenesky Cast

  7. Photo of Emilia D'Oliveira

    Emilia D'Oliveira Cast

  8. Photo of Francisco Ribeiro

    Francisco Ribeiro Cast

  9. Photo of José Gamboa Ceballos

    José Gamboa Ceballos Cast

  10. Photo of Luis de Campos

    Luis de Campos Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Clara

    Maria Clara Cast

  12. Photo of Ricardo Malheiro

    Ricardo Malheiro Cast

  13. Photo of Isidoro Goldberger

    Isidoro Goldberger Cinematography

  14. Photo of Venceslau Pinto

    Venceslau Pinto Music