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A Side, B Side, Seaside

Directed by Ah Chiu


Told in separate story lines, this poetic indie drama follows two 17-year-old girls coming of age in a sleepy seaside fishing community. Chen Tian, a Hong Kong schoolgirl who’s about to depart for the university in Beijing, finds young love for the first time.

A Side, B Side, Seaside Directed by Ah Chiu

What are people saying?

  • eric gould's rating of the film A Side, B Side, Seaside

    Simple adventures can be had just a ferry crossing away from Hong Kong's urban bustle and the triads, crime bosses and corruption from HK action films can be left behind. A Side, B Side, Seaside is in part an homage to Takeshi Kitano's A Scene at the Sea and youthful coming-of-age. Two stories, like sides of a record, round out narratives about young friends and a shared bond on Cheung Chau Island. Give it a spin.

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