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  1. Photo of André Hunebelle

    André Hunebelle Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Jean Halain

    Jean Halain Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alex Joffé

    Alex Joffé Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gaby Morlay

    Gaby Morlay Cast

  5. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Brochard

    Jean Brochard Cast

  7. Photo of Yves Deniaud

    Yves Deniaud Cast

  8. Photo of André Gabriello

    André Gabriello Cast

  9. Photo of Bernard Lajarrige

    Bernard Lajarrige Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Larquey

    Pierre Larquey Cast

  11. Photo of Ginette Leclerc

    Ginette Leclerc Cast

  12. Photo of Edmond Ardisson

    Edmond Ardisson Cast

  13. Photo of Antoine Balpêtré

    Antoine Balpêtré Cast

  14. Photo of Jacques Baumer

    Jacques Baumer Cast

  15. Photo of Léon Belières

    Léon Belières Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Demange

    Paul Demange Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Destailles

    Pierre Destailles Cast

  18. Photo of Jeanne Fusier-Gir

    Jeanne Fusier-Gir Cast

  19. Photo of Max Révol

    Max Révol Cast

  20. Photo of André Valmy

    André Valmy Cast

  21. Photo of Madeleine Barbulée

    Madeleine Barbulée Cast

  22. Photo of Georges Bréhat

    Georges Bréhat Cast

  23. Photo of Louis de Funès

    Louis de Funès Cast

  24. Photo of Marcel Grignon

    Marcel Grignon Cinematography

  25. Photo of Jean Marion

    Jean Marion Music

  26. Photo of Lucien Carré

    Lucien Carré Production Design

  27. Photo of Ina Feau

    Ina Feau Costume Design