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Ratings & Reviews

  1.'s rating of the film A Soap

    A secret, a soap, a kammerspiel. Guided by very solid performances we are included in the most intimate side of 2 gentle lives. Photographically captivating, docile, with the rare danish light entering every window, as to invite us in this little theatre of human emotions. Colours are set gradually, and the frame challenges the obvious, setting up perspectives never seen before. An romantic experience for the eyes!

  2. haluk ulusan's rating of the film A Soap

    me and scandinavian cinema has bounds beyond joy. this film, is somewhat timeless, and reflects everything regarding the pale blue colours of the northern cities, somewhat melancholic state of mind of its people, the small apartments, artificial laughters coming from drunken, fantabulous nights. Brought back lots of memories, reminded me of a time when everything was.. well... so different.