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  1. Photo of Tata Amaral

    Tata Amaral Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Jean-Claude Bernardet

    Jean-Claude Bernardet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernando Bonassi

    Fernando Bonassi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Márcio Ferrari

    Márcio Ferrari Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roberto Moreira

    Roberto Moreira Screenplay

  6. Photo of Paulo Vespúcio

    Paulo Vespúcio Cast

  7. Photo of Leona Cavalli

    Leona Cavalli Cast

  8. Photo of Lígia Cortez

    Lígia Cortez Cast

  9. Photo of Néa Simões

    Néa Simões Cast

  10. Photo of Norival Rizzo

    Norival Rizzo Cast

  11. Photo of Rosa Petrim

    Rosa Petrim Cast

  12. Photo of Alexandra Marzo

    Alexandra Marzo Cast

  13. Photo of Hugo Kovensky

    Hugo Kovensky Cinematography

  14. Photo of Wilson Sukorski

    Wilson Sukorski Music

  15. Photo of Livio Trachtenberg

    Livio Trachtenberg Music

  16. Photo of Renato Bulcão

    Renato Bulcão Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Maria Ionescu

    Maria Ionescu Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Idê Lacreta

    Idê Lacreta Editing

  19. Photo of Ana Chiarini

    Ana Chiarini Sound

  20. Photo of Joao Godoy

    Joao Godoy Sound

  21. Photo of Eduardo Santos Mendes

    Eduardo Santos Mendes Sound

  22. Photo of José Luiz Sasso

    José Luiz Sasso Sound

  23. Photo of Miko Hashimoto

    Miko Hashimoto Costume Design