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  1. Photo of Robert Asher

    Robert Asher Director

  2. Photo of Hugh Stewart

    Hugh Stewart Producer

  3. Photo of Earl St. John

    Earl St. John Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Edward Chapman

    Edward Chapman Cast

  5. Photo of Jeanette Sterke

    Jeanette Sterke Cast

  6. Photo of Jerry Desmonde

    Jerry Desmonde Cast

  7. Photo of Jill Melford

    Jill Melford Cast

  8. Photo of Glyn Houston

    Glyn Houston Cast

  9. Photo of Patsy Rowlands

    Patsy Rowlands Cast

  10. Photo of Jack Davies

    Jack Davies Screenplay

  11. Photo of Henry Blyth

    Henry Blyth Screenplay

  12. Photo of Norman Wisdom

    Norman Wisdom Screenplay and Cast

  13. Photo of Eddie Leslie

    Eddie Leslie Screenplay

  14. Photo of Jack Asher

    Jack Asher Cinematography

  15. Photo of Philip Green

    Philip Green Music

  16. Photo of Gerry Hambling

    Gerry Hambling Editing

  17. Photo of Joan Ellacott

    Joan Ellacott Costume Design

  18. Photo of Penny Morrell

    Penny Morrell Cast