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  1. Photo of Montgomery Tully

    Montgomery Tully Director

  2. Photo of Romolo Marcellini

    Romolo Marcellini Director

  3. Photo of Emil E. Reinert

    Emil E. Reinert Director

  4. Photo of Wolfgang Staudte

    Wolfgang Staudte Director

  5. Photo of Irma von Cube

    Irma von Cube Director

  6. Photo of Géza von Cziffra

    Géza von Cziffra Director and Producer

  7. Photo of Jacques Companeez

    Jacques Companeez Screenplay

  8. Photo of Patrick Kirwan

    Patrick Kirwan Screenplay

  9. Photo of Richard Llewellyn

    Richard Llewellyn Screenplay

  10. Photo of Piero Tellini

    Piero Tellini Screenplay

  11. Photo of Günther Weisenborn

    Günther Weisenborn Screenplay

  12. Photo of Maurice J. Wilson

    Maurice J. Wilson Story and Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Alexander Paal

    Alexander Paal Story and Producer

  14. Photo of Bonar Colleano

    Bonar Colleano Cast

  15. Photo of Barbara Kelly

    Barbara Kelly Cast

  16. Photo of Anne Vernon

    Anne Vernon Cast

  17. Photo of Karin Himboldt

    Karin Himboldt Cast

  18. Photo of Lily Kann

    Lily Kann Cast

  19. Photo of Danny Green

    Danny Green Cast

  20. Photo of Carl Jaffe

    Carl Jaffe Cast

  21. Photo of MacDonald Parke

    MacDonald Parke Cast

  22. Photo of Lana Morris

    Lana Morris Cast

  23. Photo of Eva Bartok

    Eva Bartok Cast

  24. Photo of Gina Lollobrigida

    Gina Lollobrigida Cast

  25. Photo of Geoffrey Sumner

    Geoffrey Sumner Cast

  26. Photo of Philip Leaver

    Philip Leaver Cast

  27. Photo of Annette Poivre

    Annette Poivre Cast

  28. Photo of Charles Irwin

    Charles Irwin Cast

  29. Photo of Arthur Gomez

    Arthur Gomez Cast

  30. Photo of Aletha Orr

    Aletha Orr Cast

  31. Photo of Dany Dauberson

    Dany Dauberson Cast

  32. Photo of Andrew Irvine

    Andrew Irvine Cast

  33. Photo of Vera Molnar

    Vera Molnar Cast

  34. Photo of O.W. Fischer

    O.W. Fischer Cast

  35. Photo of Terence Alexander

    Terence Alexander Cast

  36. Photo of Raymond Bussières

    Raymond Bussières Cast

  37. Photo of Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Mastroianni Cast

  38. Photo of Enzo Staiola

    Enzo Staiola Cast

  39. Photo of Liliana Tellini

    Liliana Tellini Cast

  40. Photo of Lamberto Maggiorani

    Lamberto Maggiorani Cast

  41. Photo of Gordon Lang

    Gordon Lang Cinematography

  42. Photo of Friedl Behn-Grund

    Friedl Behn-Grund Cinematography

  43. Photo of Ludwig Berger

    Ludwig Berger Cinematography

  44. Photo of Roger Dormoy

    Roger Dormoy Cinematography

  45. Photo of Giuseppe La Torre

    Giuseppe La Torre Cinematography

  46. Photo of Joe Hajos

    Joe Hajos Music

  47. Photo of Francesco Mander

    Francesco Mander Music

  48. Photo of Hans May

    Hans May Music

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