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  1. Photo of Ventura Pons

    Ventura Pons Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Quim Monzó

    Quim Monzó Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joan Minguell

    Joan Minguell Cinematography

  4. Photo of Carles Cases

    Carles Cases Music

  5. Photo of Pere Abadal

    Pere Abadal Editing

  6. Photo of Bel-Lo Torras

    Bel-Lo Torras Production Design

  7. Photo of Albert Gay

    Albert Gay Sound

  8. Photo of Jordi Bosch

    Jordi Bosch Cast

  9. Photo of Santi Millán

    Santi Millán Cast

  10. Photo of Edu Soto

    Edu Soto Cast

  11. Photo of Joel Joan

    Joel Joan Cast

  12. Photo of Julieta Serrano

    Julieta Serrano Cast

  13. Photo of Carme Molina

    Carme Molina Cast

  14. Photo of Clara Segura

    Clara Segura Cast

  15. Photo of Montse Pérez

    Montse Pérez Cast

  16. Photo of Francesc Orella

    Francesc Orella Cast

  17. Photo of Roger Príncep

    Roger Príncep Cast

  18. Photo of Aleix Albareda

    Aleix Albareda Cast

  19. Photo of Toni Albà

    Toni Albà Cast

  20. Photo of Carol Badillo

    Carol Badillo Cast

  21. Photo of Dafnis Balduz

    Dafnis Balduz Cast

  22. Photo of Roger Batalla

    Roger Batalla Cast

  23. Photo of Joan Borràs

    Joan Borràs Cast

  24. Photo of Pere Brascó

    Pere Brascó Cast

  25. Photo of Ariadna Cabrol

    Ariadna Cabrol Cast

  26. Photo of Nil Cardoner

    Nil Cardoner Cast

  27. Photo of Marc Clotet

    Marc Clotet Cast

  28. Photo of Mercè Comes

    Mercè Comes Cast

  29. Photo of Joan Crosas

    Joan Crosas Cast

  30. Photo of Aida Flix

    Aida Flix Cast

  31. Photo of Marta Millà

    Marta Millà Cast

  32. Photo of Pau Poch

    Pau Poch Cast

  33. Photo of Ramon Pujol

    Ramon Pujol Cast

  34. Photo of Òscar Rabadan

    Òscar Rabadan Cast

  35. Photo of Alícia Roy

    Alícia Roy Cast

  36. Photo of Mingo Ràfols

    Mingo Ràfols Cast

  37. Photo of Elena Tarrats

    Elena Tarrats Cast

  38. Photo of Mar Ulldemolins

    Mar Ulldemolins Cast

  39. Photo of Peter Vives

    Peter Vives Cast