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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dave Ryan's rating of the film A Thousand-year-old Bee

    I saw this at Los Angeles Filmex in around 1990. The director presented the film (which was translated "The Millenial Bees" for this showing). I was entranced by the intergenerational story, and/but a bit confused by the historical background. I do hope to see this film again in my life, and have requested it everywhere.

  2. Francisco R.'s rating of the film A Thousand-year-old Bee

    An unusual, spellbinding epic. This is magical realism at its most ambitious and compelling, and the story is so gracefully told by Jakubisko that never hampers the viewer with otherwise dense information or strenuous sequences. I'm quite certain about the influence of Sergei Parajanov here, especially Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, with its expressive camera movements and offbeat rythmic as far as storytelling goes