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Ratings & Reviews

  1. MarcW's rating of the film A Woman in Berlin

    A convincing portrait of postwar-Berlin. Sadly, in cinematographic terms, it sometimes appears like a tv-movie. Still it more or less portraits the female burden of the war. And despite the criminals in uniforms the film depicts a troubled romance, too. And of course nothing grew exponentially, except industrial output. The wehrmacht raped more women than "the red army", and did much more than that...

  2. JessicaAlva's rating of the film A Woman in Berlin

    A memoir that took too long to reach the screen. This film addresses the life of German women after the Soviets conquered Berlin, it makes no excuses for the realities attributed to the activities in WWII.

  3. Dizzydent's rating of the film A Woman in Berlin

    Ninety minutes of Russians raping German women, 30 minutes of zzzzzzzzzzzs.

  4. Alma de-a valma's rating of the film A Woman in Berlin

    "germans in my village killed all children by smashing their heads of a brick wall." in soviet russia, when a mother/sister/wife wanted to write to her son/brother/husband on the battle field, she was not allowed to write that the harvest is alright and the kids are doing fine, but that they have been killed and the house devastated, so that the fierceness of the soviet soldier would grow exponentially. many returned