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  1. Photo of Mikio Naruse

    Mikio Naruse Director

  2. Photo of Sanezumi Fujimoto

    Sanezumi Fujimoto Producer

  3. Photo of Masakatsu Kaneko

    Masakatsu Kaneko Producer

  4. Photo of Ryôzô Kasahara

    Ryôzô Kasahara Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jun Yasumoto

    Jun Yasumoto Cinematography

  6. Photo of Satoru Chûko

    Satoru Chûko Production Design

  7. Photo of Hideshi Ohi

    Hideshi Ohi Editing

  8. Photo of Ichirô Saitô

    Ichirô Saitô Music

  9. Photo of Tatsuo Kuroda

    Tatsuo Kuroda Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Masao Fujiyoshi

    Masao Fujiyoshi Sound

  11. Photo of Hideko Takamine

    Hideko Takamine Cast

  12. Photo of Natsuko Kahara

    Natsuko Kahara Cast

  13. Photo of Tatsuya Nakadai

    Tatsuya Nakadai Cast

  14. Photo of Akira Takarada

    Akira Takarada Cast

  15. Photo of Tsutomu Yamazaki

    Tsutomu Yamazaki Cast

  16. Photo of Yuriko Hoshi

    Yuriko Hoshi Cast

  17. Photo of Keiko Awaji

    Keiko Awaji Cast

  18. Photo of Mitsuko Kusabue

    Mitsuko Kusabue Cast

  19. Photo of Daisuke Katô

    Daisuke Katô Cast

  20. Photo of Kamatari Fujiwara

    Kamatari Fujiwara Cast

  21. Photo of Chieko Nakakita

    Chieko Nakakita Cast

  22. Photo of Yutaka Sada

    Yutaka Sada Cast

  23. Photo of Kin Sugai

    Kin Sugai Cast

  24. Photo of Kazuo Suzuki

    Kazuo Suzuki Cast

  25. Photo of Gen Shimizu

    Gen Shimizu Cast