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  1. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film A Young Poet

  2. naokoken's rating of the film A Young Poet

    "...sea bream, octopus, scorpion fish..." I liked the scene in the bar discussing what his poem will be about, and the wordless scene on the bench with the old man. The walks around the city of Sète were lovely. "Butterfly. Watermelon. Spermbank. Hubcap." I am guessing the failed attempt at being a poet was intentional, but why?

  3. La Foret's rating of the film A Young Poet

    it gave me some good ideas for Twitter posts.

  4. nocausefordeath's rating of the film A Young Poet

    A beautiful coming-of-age story. While the pacing at the beginning if a bit slow, the minimalist story has you wondering more about Remi and his character. If you can get past the first 15 minutes, you'll find yourself enjoying it's unique take on the genre.

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film A Young Poet

    Had a tough time getting through the first half hour but once our young poet meets the object of his desire things fall into place and we end up with this fairly pleasant slice of life. Remi is amusingly clueless.

  6. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film A Young Poet

    A charming, but imbalanced film. It's fun to imagine that you're Remi, aimlessly wandering this sunny coastal town in France.

  7. Loz Loory's rating of the film A Young Poet

    2.5. Alternately humorous and torturous going. An excellent representation of what being young and self-conscious gets you: a lot of agony and not much else. Life is what's happening while you're busy trying to write profound poems. Perhaps un petit anti-depressant pill will enable Remi to proceed to exist with less constant anxiety.

  8. Nelson's rating of the film A Young Poet

  9. Omus's rating of the film A Young Poet

    Another movie about a young European looking for meaning.

  10. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film A Young Poet

    The movie attempts to turn a travelogue about writing a poem into a meditation about the inert space between childhood and adulthood. But the lead is so navel-gazing, so torpid and, at the same time, so full of himself for much of the film that you'll want to stuff his journal down his throat about midway through. This isn't an examination of how to create a poem as much as it is a handbook on what not to do.

  11. Salvador Amores's rating of the film A Young Poet

  12. affasf's rating of the film A Young Poet

    Kinda cute attempt at including some spontaneity in the autorish approach to formal unexceptionableness, but in the end, the absence of a reasoned motif just spoils that Rimbaudian infatuation, and the meta-narrative postlude is a knife in the heart.

  13. Nadin's rating of the film A Young Poet

    Rémi's attempts to become a poet are just hilarious. He's a superb actor and character. Damien has succeeded in creating a funny and yet thoughtful film about artistic inspiration. To me, it is also a film about patience, about slowness...a reminder, in some ways, that art does not come if you force it, but that you have to wait for it. Looking forward to Damien's future projects!