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  1. N҉O҉ L҉O҉N҉G҉E҉R҉ H҉U҉M҉A҉N҉'s rating of the film Abdullajon

    Surely cheesy stuff is happening, but i swear i have experienced a much more solid cheesy-sassy somewhere else.

  2. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Abdullajon

    Mocking the heavy-accent Russian speech from people of Soviet republics was a comedic staple in the USSR, self-ironically internalized by laughing bags, then replicated inside their communities by a peculiar, embarrassed (auto)censorship. First film which comes to mind is Gaidai’s smash hit Caucasian Kidnapping. That was considered gentle fun in the era of blithe & courageous self-criticism, taking offense disclosed

  3. knockkneed's rating of the film Abdullajon

    The fence gate is totally from Mon Oncle