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  1. Photo of Janusz Nasfeter

    Janusz Nasfeter Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Teresa Nasfeter

    Teresa Nasfeter Screenplay

  3. Photo of Filip Lobodzinski

    Filip Lobodzinski Cast

  4. Photo of Edward Dymek

    Edward Dymek Cast

  5. Photo of Henryk Golebiewski

    Henryk Golebiewski Cast

  6. Photo of Roman Mosior

    Roman Mosior Cast

  7. Photo of Wojciech Skut

    Wojciech Skut Cast

  8. Photo of Andrzej Boczula

    Andrzej Boczula Cast

  9. Photo of Wojciech Andrulewicz

    Wojciech Andrulewicz Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Nowak

    Anna Nowak Cast

  11. Photo of Dorota Czajko

    Dorota Czajko Cast

  12. Photo of Bohdan Graczyk

    Bohdan Graczyk Cast

  13. Photo of Bogdan Izdebski

    Bogdan Izdebski Cast

  14. Photo of Ryszard Roguski

    Ryszard Roguski Cast

  15. Photo of Bohdan Rokita

    Bohdan Rokita Cast

  16. Photo of Renata Sawiel

    Renata Sawiel Cast

  17. Photo of Grzegorz Roman

    Grzegorz Roman Cast

  18. Photo of Katarzyna Laniewska

    Katarzyna Laniewska Cast

  19. Photo of Witold Dederko

    Witold Dederko Cast

  20. Photo of Zdzislaw Lesniak

    Zdzislaw Lesniak Cast

  21. Photo of Jacek Fedorowicz

    Jacek Fedorowicz Cast

  22. Photo of Henryk Bak

    Henryk Bak Cast

  23. Photo of Stanislaw Loth

    Stanislaw Loth Cinematography

  24. Photo of Waldemar Kazanecki

    Waldemar Kazanecki Music

  25. Photo of Biruta Markuza-Wasilkowska

    Biruta Markuza-Wasilkowska Production Design

  26. Photo of Tadeusz Myszorek

    Tadeusz Myszorek Production Design

  27. Photo of Anatol Radzinowicz

    Anatol Radzinowicz Production Design

  28. Photo of Krystyna Komosinska

    Krystyna Komosinska Editing

  29. Photo of Elzbieta Meksz

    Elzbieta Meksz Costume Design