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  1. Photo of Frank Beyer

    Frank Beyer Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ulrich Plenzdorf

    Ulrich Plenzdorf Screenplay

  3. Photo of Manfred Krug

    Manfred Krug Screenplay

  4. Photo of Doris J. Heinze

    Doris J. Heinze Producer

  5. Photo of Norbert Sauer

    Norbert Sauer Producer

  6. Photo of Heidi Steinhaus

    Heidi Steinhaus Producer

  7. Photo of Michael Wintzer

    Michael Wintzer Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Eberhard Geick

    Eberhard Geick Cinematography

  9. Photo of Clarissa Ambach

    Clarissa Ambach Editing

  10. Photo of Peter Lohmeyer

    Peter Lohmeyer Cast

  11. Photo of Karoline Eichhorn

    Karoline Eichhorn Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Donath

    Peter Donath Cast

  13. Photo of Ann-Kathrin Kramer

    Ann-Kathrin Kramer Cast

  14. Photo of Uwe Kockisch

    Uwe Kockisch Cast

  15. Photo of Ute Lubosch

    Ute Lubosch Cast

  16. Photo of Jürgen Hentsch

    Jürgen Hentsch Cast

  17. Photo of Hermann Beyer

    Hermann Beyer Cast

  18. Photo of Ulrich Matthes

    Ulrich Matthes Cast

  19. Photo of Gunter Schoß

    Gunter Schoß Cast