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  1. Photo of Abolfazl Jalili

    Abolfazl Jalili Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Emmanuel Benbihy

    Emmanuel Benbihy Executive Producer and Producer

  3. Photo of Mel Gee Henderson

    Mel Gee Henderson Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Hossein Alizadeh

    Hossein Alizadeh Music

  5. Photo of Mohammad Javod Sarafian

    Mohammad Javod Sarafian Music

  6. Photo of Homayoun Shajarian

    Homayoun Shajarian Music

  7. Photo of Mohammad Reza Shajarian

    Mohammad Reza Shajarian Music

  8. Photo of Hassan Youssef Zamani

    Hassan Youssef Zamani Music

  9. Photo of Mehdi Majde Vaziri

    Mehdi Majde Vaziri Cinematography

  10. Photo of Mohammadtaghy Jalili

    Mohammadtaghy Jalili Production Design

  11. Photo of Mazyar Sheikh Mahbooby

    Mazyar Sheikh Mahbooby Sound

  12. Photo of Geraldine Falieu

    Geraldine Falieu Sound

  13. Photo of Mehdi Morady

    Mehdi Morady Cast

  14. Photo of Abdolreza Akbari

    Abdolreza Akbari Cast

  15. Photo of Gholamreza Tabatabai

    Gholamreza Tabatabai Cast

  16. Photo of Sharare Roohy

    Sharare Roohy Cast

  17. Photo of Fariba Khademy

    Fariba Khademy Cast

  18. Photo of Mina Molania

    Mina Molania Cast