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  1. Photo of Jan Schomburg

    Jan Schomburg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claudia Steffen

    Claudia Steffen Producer

  3. Photo of Christoph Friedel

    Christoph Friedel Producer

  4. Photo of Marc Comes

    Marc Comes Cinematography

  5. Photo of Sandra Hüller

    Sandra Hüller Cast

  6. Photo of Georg Friedrich

    Georg Friedrich Cast

  7. Photo of Felix Knopp

    Felix Knopp Cast

  8. Photo of Bernd Euscher

    Bernd Euscher Editing

  9. Photo of Cordula Jedamski

    Cordula Jedamski Production Design

  10. Photo of Cora Pratz

    Cora Pratz Production Design

  11. Photo of Andreas Hildebrandt

    Andreas Hildebrandt Sound

  12. Photo of Josef Pörzchen

    Josef Pörzchen Sound

  13. Photo of Tobias Wagner

    Tobias Wagner Music

  14. Photo of Valery Tscheplanowa

    Valery Tscheplanowa Cast

  15. Photo of Kathrin Wehlisch

    Kathrin Wehlisch Cast

  16. Photo of Stephan Grossmann

    Stephan Grossmann Cast

  17. Photo of Aljoscha Stadelmann

    Aljoscha Stadelmann Cast

  18. Photo of Piet Fuchs

    Piet Fuchs Cast

  19. Photo of Martin Reinke

    Martin Reinke Cast

  20. Photo of Verena Plangger

    Verena Plangger Cast

  21. Photo of Julia Wieninger

    Julia Wieninger Cast

  22. Photo of Laura Sundermann

    Laura Sundermann Cast