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  1. Photo of Timur Bekmambetov

    Timur Bekmambetov Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Seth Grahame-Smith

    Seth Grahame-Smith Screenplay

  3. Photo of John J. Kelly

    John J. Kelly Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Simon Kinberg

    Simon Kinberg Executive Producer, Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tim Burton

    Tim Burton Producer

  6. Photo of Jim Lemley

    Jim Lemley Producer

  7. Photo of Henry Jackman

    Henry Jackman Music

  8. Photo of Caleb Deschanel

    Caleb Deschanel Cinematography

  9. Photo of William Hoy

    William Hoy Editing

  10. Photo of Fran├žois Audouy

    Fran├žois Audouy Production Design

  11. Photo of Nick Fredin

    Nick Fredin Animation

  12. Photo of Matthew Lajoie

    Matthew Lajoie Animation

  13. Photo of Andrew Park

    Andrew Park Animation

  14. Photo of Edwina Ting

    Edwina Ting Animation

  15. Photo of Roland Vallet

    Roland Vallet Animation

  16. Photo of Benjamin Walker

    Benjamin Walker Cast

  17. Photo of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead Cast

  18. Photo of Dominic Cooper

    Dominic Cooper Cast

  19. Photo of Alan Tudyk

    Alan Tudyk Cast

  20. Photo of Rufus Sewell

    Rufus Sewell Cast

  21. Photo of Anthony Mackie

    Anthony Mackie Cast

  22. Photo of Jimmi Simpson

    Jimmi Simpson Cast

  23. Photo of Jaqueline Fleming

    Jaqueline Fleming Cast

  24. Photo of Robin McLeavy

    Robin McLeavy Cast

  25. Photo of Erin Wasson

    Erin Wasson Cast

  26. Photo of John Rothman

    John Rothman Cast

  27. Photo of Joseph Mawle

    Joseph Mawle Cast