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  1. Ahmed Hasan's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

  2. Kortirion's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    One of the most illustrious and important films of all time. D.W. Griffith, undisputed master of the silent film leaves his mark on the 'talkie', further adding to his monumental contributions to cinema. Huston's performance remains as the finest by an American actor, adding to the genuine and timeless humour injected within this most sincere and heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest men to grace this Earth.

  3. waywardwaters's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    A warm, touching tribute of deep reverence towards Lincoln: the man, the myth and the legend, Griffith’s vision of earnestness is not to be undermined by petty frothing PC fascists of today. Any rustic idiosyncrasies only add to its sacramental charm and Huston's performance is simply dignity personified all the way to the grave. Accept no substitutes for this biopic. THE UNION MUST BE PRESERVED.

  4. Zac Weber's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    The high formalism and intricate mise-en-scène are intriguing; otherwise, the film feels dull and archaic.

  5. Alexander Bergman's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    A fascinating cliff's notes on a man's life. Rife with stilted staging, dialogue, and pacing, yet still far more entertaining then Spielberg's Lincoln. Much less stuffy than the thick-aired pretensions of the more recent telling. What appealed to me was the humanizing of the Legend. He was a goofy, broke pseudo-Lothario. Also that opening crane shot on the slave ship was as visceral as anything in cinema today.

  6. Nick Potter's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Griffith's first talkie is up front with how it's inexperience with overacting and lackluster dialogue. What is more apparent is the reason no one else has made a biopic featuring all of Lincoln's life. While it is shot rather well, it finds a way to drag on at only 90 minutes.

  7. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    It's hard to be objective about D.W. Griffith. Seeing the slaves in the first scene did not bode well for the rest of the movie. And the music was supposed to be 'Go down Moses'? They tried to show 'Birth of a Nation' at my college, but it was shouted down. Which was fine for me, because I just don't have any interest in that crap anyway. I mean, why go out of your way to make people angry?

  8. Carlo Benedicti's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

  9. Buddy Love's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    I haven't seen a silent movie master as of yet adapt or match their works into the talkies. Even with his whimsical quips Lincoln was extraordinarily dull.

  10. forksclovetofu's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    More corn than a family-size matinee bucket and deeply dire and racist historical revisionism of the variety that suggests both sides of the Civil War had some good points to make. The entire feature suggests a lack of familiarity with the nuance of talking films: far too much lingering on each scene, terrible overacting and caricaturish portrayals. But oh, those Griffith tableaus! The man could frame a shot.

  11. El Biffo's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Nice cinematography and visual composition, but I disliked everything else about this cheezy piece of entertainment. As usual for Griffith, the only speaking role for a black man is played by a white guy painted in shoe polish.

  12. Shawn Spitler's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Would have been great to see Griffith focus on a specific part of Lincoln's life, rather than watering down the narrative with the footnotes of Lincoln's life.

  13. Weston Campbell's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Schoolbook hagiography rife with Griffith's fence-sitting hypocrisy. Good William Cameron Menzies sets though.

  14. William's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    The restored slave ship prologue to this film makes it clear that Griffith's views on race were much more complicated than is generally assumed.

  15. Barbara's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Some of Griffith's trademarks are evident, and touching. Watch the scenes leading up to Lincoln's assassination--the shadows. We know what will happen but it is filmed so well, and so simply, that has real suspense and real sadness. A lot of the acting is what we call over-acting now. Walter Houston is as we remember him from many movies after this one. Still, this is well worth watching.

  16. msmichel's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Griffith made his first talking picture with this meandering, unemotional and somewhat boring take on Lincoln. The director's fortune had faded by this point in his career and this film did him no favours in getting his reputation back. Even the visual flourishes he was known for were missing in this misfire. Griffith will always stand the test of time for his silent work but this talkie is best left forgotten.

  17. Eliecer Gaspar's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Masterpiece. Can stand in the same ring with Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln.

  18. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Mostly stodgy biopic of Abraham Lincoln depicts the 16th president's life through a series of episodes that amount to a sort of "greatest hits" reel. Respectful but melodramatic, and even more interesting coming from D.W. Griffith, who had directed the unashamedly pro-Confederacy BIRTH OF A NATION just 15 years prior. One of Griffith's last films, it's a tired, ill conceived last gasp of one of cinema's great masters

  19. Kelly Ricardo's rating of the film Abraham Lincoln

    Some horrible dialogue and melodrama, and some of the most atrociously cliche voice acting I've ever heard. Nevertheless, the movie entertains and the remaking of Lincoln's assassination scene is worthwhile. Also, I've never seen a horse break a fence! Always, they jump over it, but this time the horse just kicks it, and it breaks! Genius!