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  1. Photo of Evan Marlowe

    Evan Marlowe Director, Editing, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Barry Finlayson

    Barry Finlayson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Susan Finlayson

    Susan Finlayson Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Martin Lee White

    Martin Lee White Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Kerry Marlowe

    Kerry Marlowe Producer

  6. Photo of Patrick Savage

    Patrick Savage Music

  7. Photo of Holeg Spies

    Holeg Spies Music

  8. Photo of Janine Hook

    Janine Hook Art Department

  9. Photo of Bryan Bowen

    Bryan Bowen Sound

  10. Photo of Jeffrey S. Farley

    Jeffrey S. Farley Special Effects

  11. Photo of John Sellings

    John Sellings Visual Effects

  12. Photo of Charles Willcocks

    Charles Willcocks Visual Effects

  13. Photo of Jordan Peele

    Jordan Peele Cast

  14. Photo of James Marsters

    James Marsters Cast

  15. Photo of Christopher McDonald

    Christopher McDonald Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Englund

    Robert Englund Cast

  17. Photo of Sid Haig

    Sid Haig Cast

  18. Photo of Rich Fulcher

    Rich Fulcher Cast

  19. Photo of Patrick Cavanaugh

    Patrick Cavanaugh Cast

  20. Photo of Darren Darnborough

    Darren Darnborough Cast

  21. Photo of Carole Ruggier

    Carole Ruggier Cast

  22. Photo of David Alen Smith

    David Alen Smith Cast

  23. Photo of Kerry Finlayson

    Kerry Finlayson Cast and Producer