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  1. Photo of Mandie Fletcher

    Mandie Fletcher Director

  2. Photo of Jennifer Saunders

    Jennifer Saunders Screenplay, Cast Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joanna Lumley

    Joanna Lumley Cast

  4. Photo of Julia Sawalha

    Julia Sawalha Cast

  5. Photo of Jane Horrocks

    Jane Horrocks Cast

  6. Photo of June Whitfield

    June Whitfield Cast

  7. Photo of Kate Moss

    Kate Moss Cast

  8. Photo of Stella McCartney

    Stella McCartney Cast

  9. Photo of Jon Hamm

    Jon Hamm Cast

  10. Photo of Jerry Hall

    Jerry Hall Cast

  11. Photo of Joan Collins

    Joan Collins Cast

  12. Photo of Emma Bunton

    Emma Bunton Cast

  13. Photo of Gwendoline Christie

    Gwendoline Christie Cast

  14. Photo of Rebel Wilson

    Rebel Wilson Cast

  15. Photo of Chris Colfer

    Chris Colfer Cast

  16. Photo of Lily Cole

    Lily Cole Cast

  17. Photo of Sadie Frost

    Sadie Frost Cast

  18. Photo of Kathy Burke

    Kathy Burke Cast

  19. Photo of Mo Gaffney

    Mo Gaffney Cast

  20. Photo of Graham Norton

    Graham Norton Cast

  21. Photo of Lulu

    Lulu Cast

  22. Photo of Perez Hilton

    Perez Hilton Cast

  23. Photo of Camilla Rutherford

    Camilla Rutherford Cast

  24. Photo of Ruby Wax

    Ruby Wax Cast

  25. Photo of Jean Paul Gaultier

    Jean Paul Gaultier Cast

  26. Photo of Barry Humphries

    Barry Humphries Cast

  27. Photo of Eunice Olumide

    Eunice Olumide Cast

  28. Photo of Alexa Chung

    Alexa Chung Cast

  29. Photo of Chris Goodger

    Chris Goodger Cinematography

  30. Photo of Kylie Minogue

    Kylie Minogue Music

  31. Photo of Dawn French

    Dawn French Executive Producer and Cast

  32. Photo of Anthony Boys

    Anthony Boys Editing

  33. Photo of Gavin Buckley

    Gavin Buckley Editing

  34. Photo of Billy Sneddon

    Billy Sneddon Editing