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  1. Fabio Nosotti's rating of the film Absurd

  2. sacajawèale's rating of the film Absurd

  3. Konrad Szlendak's rating of the film Absurd

    Well, usuallly it takes some time to warm up the oven, but I can still dig it: the tension, the tension... final scene has been ripped off recently in "Dear God No!".

  4. Matt Burgess's rating of the film Absurd

    A disjointed mess obviously but so much grotty Euro-trash fun (this is an Italian remake of Halloween by sleaze master Joe D'Amato after all). Man, George Eastman is such a STUD, just huge all over. If Michael Myers was this fucking hot and bulging I would have sat through all of those terrible Halloween sequels with ease.

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Absurd

    Not as bad as I thought it would be. It looks a lot like Halloween (I and II), with the music but without the mask. In fact, the suspense is well created and when you're dealing with Joe D'Amato, you don't know in advance which characters he will sacrifice. Recommended to the curious movie lovers.