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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Act of Valor

    It has a kind-of authentic look with the use of unknowns and real Navy SEALS make the film become a little more unpredictable who lives and who will die, but it would have been better had we gotten to know the characters too as the film is thin on characterization and depth.

  2. lunoktae's rating of the film Act of Valor

    mai bn joc medal of honor

  3. Jonathan C.'s rating of the film Act of Valor

    The action in this movie is too insanely well done to not like the movie a little bit.

  4. Keldon's rating of the film Act of Valor

    not even funny when you're totally trashed (which is a cinematic achievement in itself)

  5. FilmFan<3's rating of the film Act of Valor

    I caught a few sequences last night while i was supervising a press screening, and i have to say. This footage converted to 35 mm was beautiful. there was a certain un worldly look to it. I doubt this was any of the creators purpose, but nonetheless I will see this when i can on Film.

  6. Christopher Scott Zeidel's rating of the film Act of Valor

    Manipulative, corny, plot-less, and mostly just a propaganda piece. It is just a stupid action film pretending to be something more serious. I found it to be truly awful.

  7. Andre Rehal's rating of the film Act of Valor

    I was hoping for more insight into the Seals like what Generation Kill did for the Recon Marines but instead I got a rejected plot to the next Call of Duty or Medal of Honour games. Also, the first person camera work took me right out of the film and seemed needless.

  8. Markus Baumknecht's rating of the film Act of Valor

    An action film that is basically pure propaganda for the US military uses a poem that was written by a Native American chief in resistance to the US military as a leitmotif for honour and dignity. The people who made this film are either highly cynical or unbelievably stupid. But then again, the US use Native American names for most of their war gear: Apache helicopters, Tomahawk Missiles, ...

  9. William Low's rating of the film Act of Valor

    Trying to sell the authentic Navy SEALs with mediocre script and full of dumbass terrorists that battles stupidly frontal

  10. Mark's rating of the film Act of Valor

    Simultaneously desires to be a video game, a two hour U.S. Military advertisement, and a mindless action film. Needless to say, it fails on all three fronts.

  11. Norman1706's rating of the film Act of Valor

  12. edwinws's rating of the film Act of Valor

    when i watch this movie, i just like playing some fps game. good effect, but bad story line, the character in this movie so bad, they play like when im reading a script

  13. albertofarina's rating of the film Act of Valor

    Navy Seals may lose an eye or a coupla legs in action, but they only die when they WANT to. Stunning action sequences, no character development at all - hell, one might as well say no characters, full stop. As far as recruitment videos go, it probably can't get any cooler. But it takes more to make an exciting movie.

  14. milkfloat's rating of the film Act of Valor

    This was so shitty and obvious and badly acted that it's impossible to even savor any guilty "AMERICA FUCK YEAH!" feelings it desperately tries to elicit.

  15. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Act of Valor

    Every bit the shameless, jingoistic military recruitment film you would expect, ACT OF VALOR stars real active duty Navy SEALs as globe trotting soldiers defeating evil doers wherever they may be. Not nuanced or thoughtful enough to examine its themes in any meaningful way, and too self serious and manipulative to be any fun, ACT OF VALOR is basically "Call of Duty: The Movie."

  16. Risya's rating of the film Act of Valor

    Just about one of the most cheesy-awful "American military-heroism propaganda". It's more of an indoctrination designed to glorify the U.S. military and its exploits & to provoke so much pride among the masses of Americans than a honest film to the real issues.

  17. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Act of Valor

    One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life and I'd bet one of the worst movies I'll ever see in my entire life. Its disgustingly patriotic (for all the WRONG reasons), racist, sexist, poorly shot and poorly acted. If you didn't know that they had cast real marines in this film you WILL know within 5 minutes of the film. Jake's post below me really hit the nail on the head as to why this film sucks.

  18. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Act of Valor

    One of the worst.... I mean WORST, movies I have seen. Honestly, there's very few movies that I wouldn't watch over again, this is one of them. Its just a poorly done American propaganda "video game" that reinforces negative stereotypes while being racist and sexist. This needs a counterculture rejection along the lines of Rocky Horror. Have midnight bills with outrageous reenactments. The time is now!