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  1. Photo of Jean Delannoy

    Jean Delannoy Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Alphonse Boudard

    Alphonse Boudard Screenplay

  3. Photo of J.M. Flynn

    J.M. Flynn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Gabin

    Jean Gabin Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Stack

    Robert Stack Cast

  6. Photo of Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Topart

    Jean Topart Cast

  8. Photo of Walter Giller

    Walter Giller Cast

  9. Photo of Lucienne Bogaert

    Lucienne Bogaert Cast

  10. Photo of Georges Lycan

    Georges Lycan Cast

  11. Photo of Albert Michel

    Albert Michel Cast

  12. Photo of Suzanne Flon

    Suzanne Flon Cast

  13. Photo of Dominique Zardi

    Dominique Zardi Cast

  14. Photo of Carlo Nell

    Carlo Nell Cast

  15. Photo of Mino Doro

    Mino Doro Cast

  16. Photo of Yves Barsacq

    Yves Barsacq Cast

  17. Photo of Walter Wottitz

    Walter Wottitz Cinematography

  18. Photo of Francis Lai

    Francis Lai Music

  19. Photo of René Renoux

    René Renoux Production Design

  20. Photo of Raymond Danon

    Raymond Danon Producer

  21. Photo of Henri Taverna

    Henri Taverna Editing